With the right lifestyle, the holiday feeling is only a corner away. I’ve already arrived safely. Of course you love to travel and discover so many new things. But it is probably the best time to rediscover your own hometown and explore the exclusive corners. To be completely in here and now and to enjoy life in its most beautiful form and to be grateful for it.

Then it doesn’t matter how many miles or steps you have traveled to get there. From the funky animals in the Zurich zoo, the ancient world of Egypt, Mini-Niagara-Feeling in Schaffhausen, a colorful multimedia event for the founder of modern painting: Vincent van Gogh, beautiful botanical gardens, relaxed Vienna meets Zurich-Feeling, a frostic ice palace, modern graphic design on the ZHDK, a rustic alp in Graub√ľnden, a grand hotel on the lake of Luzern or a tree house or rock hotel. Yes, you can experience all of this in Switzerland too, if you keep your eyes open and with a great spirit of discovery. Have fun!