Hollywood actor Jude Law teamed up with LEXUS Europe to create a live streamed improvised performance, staged across London’s theatre land and from the driving seat of the LEXUS RX. The modern screen legend embarked upon a unique journey in which he took to the streets of Soho relying on the real time narrative design of the viewing audience and his own stage craft.

As the curtain went up, Law was invited on stage and told that for the next 45 minutes his life was in the hands of viewers around the world who had been invited to tune in live and vote for alternative storylines. As he exited the stage, from that point on he relied on the narrative prompts of the audience and his own intuition.

The interactive storyline followed him as he attempted to assemble an ensemble cast to put on a final one-of-a-kind performance for a live theatre audience.

In order to achieve his mission, he received on the road stage and script direction from viewers which challenged him to sharpen his artistic skills along the way. He climbed into the waiting LEXUS RX and drove to style restaurant to pick up a cast member for the evening’s performance. There he met several TV Icons. So have a look to the different storylines and inspiring people Jude met on his trip with his LEXUS RX.

Agency: FCB Inferno