World famous yet a mystery, Banksy is the Bristol-born and still anonymous graffiti artist and painter known for challenging the boundaries of the art market and whose work has been causing a stir for years.

A large part of the fascination with the street artist certainly stems from the fact that his true identity is still unknown until today. For 25 years the world has been wondering: who is this ominous master of street art? It is therefore hardly surprising that there are so many myths surrounding his person.

As obscure as the question of his person is, the statements made by his works of art are just as clear. „A wall has always been the best place to publish your work.“ Banksy is supposed to have said once. He sprays his works with the help of stencils. He often also incorporates other objects, such as street signs, into his art. In addition to his graffiti images, the street artist also works with installations to convey his messages. With a slaughterhouse truck loaded with crying cuddly toys, he drew attention to the suffering of animals in the meat industry, among other things.

Another point that Banksy likes to criticize: society’s overconsumption. One of his few remaining graffitis in London is called „Shop till you Drop“. It shows a falling woman with a shopping trolley on a house wall near Hyde Park. He also frequently uses Ronald McDonald or Mickey Mouse as synonyms for modern consumer society. In 2015, as part of a self-financed art project, he parodied Disneyland amusement park with his own interpretation of Dismaland.

Who is actually hiding behind the stage name “Banksy” may also remain a secret forever. But maybe that is exactly what makes his work so unique and always keeps the fascination alive. So it only remains to be seen which work he will surprise us with next.