The event is designed for clever and innovative minds in the healthcare industry who want to make a difference and meet the challenges with a great deal of inventiveness. Google Cloud, the Digital Health Center Bülach and Health-Trends unite their brain power and create a platform with this event series that invites you to network and to develop ideas and existing business solutions. 

From all the clever startups in healthcare, we filter out 5 Starters in advance, who have the opportunity to convey their vision to the audience in a short way using the Japanese Pecha-Kucha presentation technique – 20 slides of 20 seconds each. After the presentations, the projects will be further developed in 5 smaller round tables and many new contacts and business opportunities will be made. 

As a special goodie, the 5 Pecha Kucha Starters can put their business in the right light as a viral spot in the run-up to the event with the YouTube team from Google. Together with our partners, we look forward to lay another small mosaic piece to start the revolution in healthcare.

Agency: Google Cloud, Digital Health Center, Health Trends